Internet Sales or Regular Sales

Times are constantly changing, and those who ignore currents of time are usually subordinates to those that contribute to creation of modern trends. This rule is reflected both at the social and business levels.

Google and the modern age business

If your website, whether it's a product or service presentation, a blog or an online store, can not be found on Google, it's as if it does not exist or worse, it further increases your expenses.

How to position yourself on Google?

According to research, the majority of searches and purchases are made on the results we get on the first page of Google, and out of all the results on the first page first 3 (three) results are most opened. So, the result on the first page is an indicator of a well-done website, which is also well optimized for Google's search engine.

What is SEO, and why is it important?

Until recently, the only important thing was to have a shop in the city center or in a busy shopping mall. Today, and especially during the coming times, the most important thing is to have a website that is positioned on the first page of Google.

Types of SEO optimization

Google does not disclose the parameters of its algorithms because of the possibility of abuse, but SEO experts are working on analyzes, experimenting and coming up with significant insights on how to improve website positioning in searches. These analyzes are transformed into so-called ranking factors used to optimize website positions on Google searches.

What are keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are terms that users type on Google when finding specific products and services. It is crucial detail when it comes to optimizing your website.

Title tags, meta descriptions, landing page

These are very important SEO factors. If we take that the title tags and meta descriptions are the first to be seen in searches, we will understand their importance. These are the first guidelines by which Internet users get an insight into your offers. 

SEO methods and techniques

Allowed and unauthorized SEO methods and techniques

Do I have to hire experts or a marketing agency for my website's SEO?

If you do not want to engage experts or marketing agencies, it would be desirable for you to have a man in a company that has enough time and feel for the online market, and who would be prepared to learn the minimal basics of classical and digital marketing.